Nomad Summit 2018 Las Vegas Review

Nomad Summit 2018 Las Vegas

Every year in Chiang Mai Thailand Johnny FD hosts the Nomad Summit which is a conference where digital nomads congregate from all over the world to learn from each other and network. Digital Nomads are indefinitely location independent and who most often make money through online businesses or freelance work. This year Johnny decided to host the first ever Nomad Summit in North America in Las Vegas Nevada.

I watched the 2017 Nomad Summit from YouTube and wished I could have flown out to Thailand for the conference. So, when I heard about the summit coming out to America I knew that I had to pull the trigger.

As I walked into the Downtown Grand Hotel in Las Vegas to the conference room and I couldn’t help but pinch myself. I didn’t believe I was actually there about to meet all my new friends and heroes. I had been dreaming about this moment for two years all day every day. I started networking with the first people I saw and was incredibly delighted to find out that there were wildly successful people there along with others who were in my exact same position.

Nomad Summit 2018 Las Vegas Christian Davis

It was incredibly taboo for me to meet people who spend most of their time working towards the exact same goal as me when for the last two years I had felt incredibly alone. Whenever I tried to tell people my goals at home most of the time they would give me unsolicited advice on how that was a pipe dream. Instead, here people either say, I was there, and I overcame it, or I am in feeling the exact same way.


The first speaker was Kristin Wilson who spoke on how to create your digital nomad relocation plan. For a career Kristin helps people either turn their corporate jobs into vesicles for travel, quitting your job and freelancing or starting an online business.

Nomad Summit 2018 Las Vegas

She broke down the exact way people fail at being a digital nomad and how you can prevent that. Then we conducted a SWOT analysis on ourselves and how we can use our strengths and correct our weaknesses to sustain this lifestyle. She also covered how to choose a location based off your needs and how you must plan your ideal day first before you can create an actionable plan to achieve it.

The next speaker was CJ who broke down how to start a merch by Amazon business and what exactly that entails. Basically, he uploads a design onto a t-shirt or other product onto Amazon and then it begins to sell on autopilot.  I was incredibly impressed with the detail and info he provided on how to make it work. Also hearing his story and how similar it is to mine was an incredible confidence boost.

After CJ, Grace Taylor gave an amazing presentation on how to pay minimal taxes while traveling or living abroad. This was eye-opening because I learned that you are put in an outstandingly lower tax bracket if you spend 11 months out of the calendar year abroad.

Camille Attell enlightened us on RV life, blogging and course creation. She touched base on how it can be emotionally taxing to be constantly on the move however highly rewarding.

Nomad Summit 2018 Las Vegas

Raghav Haran showed us how he built a one-person consulting business to 35-40k a month in a year and a half while still having free time. He used a simple email funnel and collected leads through Facebook advertising.

Next up was Christine McDannell who had an interesting story about how she is building Kindred Quarters which is a series of co-living spaces for entrepreneurs. Often, they will have someone clean, cook and manage the most mundane daily chores so everyone can focus on their passion projects. Everyone in the house has a weekly mastermind session and accountability check. She explained how a single horse can pull 8,000 pounds while two horses tied to the same chariot can pull 32,000 pounds. It is so crucial to surround yourself with positive people on the same journey as you because that’s when the snowball effect takes place.

They currently have 2 San Diego locations along with 1 in Los Angeles. Bali and Thailand are next on their list as well. Explore Kindred Quarters here!

Nomad Summit 2018 Las Vegas Christine McDannell

Last but not least, Johnny FD came up and shared his story about being a cubical drone in San Francisco to location independence in SE Asia. His advice is to the point and no BS. He talked about how he met Anton Kraly in cross fit Thailand and how he taught him how to master his health, wealth and freedom. Now he wants to pay it forward and help as many people as possible quit their soul-sucking jobs and be the captain of their destiny.

Nomad Summit 2018 Las Vegas

Overall the 2018 Nomad Summit has been the pinnacle of my life so far. I can’t thank Johnny enough for caring to take the time to help everyone achieve this glorious lifestyle. I left the event with friends who were wildly successful and who were on the same journey as me and I no longer feel alone. The networking and knowledge I learned was priceless.

Check out the recap video here.

If this lifestyle or conference interests, you there is another one happening in Chiang Mai Thailand January 2019. Check it out!

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