Comfort: The Greatest Enemy of Happiness

The biggest culprit in the life of the unfulfilled is comfort. We all have times in our lives where we fall into the comfort trap. Whatever your choice of comfort may be it can be deadly to your dreams and goals.

In order to get control of your comfort zones, you have to purposely put yourself in uncomfortable positions. Tim Ferris talks about in his book The  Four Hour Workweek how he purposely will go to a crowded place such as Starbucks and then lay flat on the floor for 10 seconds. Then get up and pretend nothing happened. “If anyone asks you what just happened to tell them you were tired.”

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Nine times out of ten the thing that you are most afraid of is the thing you need to be doing to better your life. Most people won’t get this far. As soon as they feel discomfort they will retreat back to their comfort den. In order to be happier and more fulfilled that the majority of society, you have to do the opposite of what your peers may be doing. Which can be even more difficult while ten times more rewarding.

Go against the grain. We must get good at labeling a comfort zone once we get into it and smash out of it at the speed of light. Climb that mountain, date that person, go to that country and live your life! Don’t ever settle. When people reach their death bed they rarely regret the things they did. Most of the time it’s the things they didn’t do. We are not going to look back on our lives and say “I am so happy that I was too out of shape to do that.” Or “I am so happy that I was too scared to ask for that promotion”. Life is short.

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You are not a slave to your automated subconscious fight or flight system. Realization is the first step. Take it slow and go one step at a time. It can be scary but the happiest and most fulfilled people in life follow these guidelines.

This is your life. Take what is yours.

Check out my youtube video where I hiked up Garfield Peak at Crater Lake National Park and broke down how to escape the comfort zone trap.

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